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Case studies

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Discover our case studies

Media Search Engine for WFDiF

We partnered with WFDiF to develop an AI indexing and search engine for their film collection that identifies elements like actors, locations and dialogues.

Personal Finance Manager for Santander

Santander Bank engaged WEBSENSA to create a Personal Finance Manager. Our Python and Oracle-based solution achieved 90% transaction categorisation accuracy.

Advertising Optimisation Systems for Wirtualna Polska

Wirtualna Polska engaged us to upgrade their ad technology with systems like Marketing Automation and Data Management to enhance ads efficiency and budget.

Personal Finance Manager for Getin Bank

WEBSENSA developed an AI Personal Finance Manager for Getin Bank, automating transaction categorisation, enabling budgeting, and providing spending insights.

Website & Logo Design for LTLEGAL

WEBSENSA refreshed LTLEGAL's web presence with a new website and logo design, boosting the company's recognisability and rankings in legal directories.

Personal Finance Manager for IT Integration Firm

WEBSENSA developed a Personal Finance Manager for a banking IT firm, using JavaScript and Oracle Database for spending categorisation, achieving 90% accuracy.

GUI Design & Development for Polkomtel

WEBSENSA developed a user-focused GUI for Polkomtel's photovoltaic monitoring app, blending functionality and aesthetics, fostering an ongoing partnership.

AI Shopping Recommendation Engine for Good Sort

WEBSENSA developed an AI-powered transcription and annotation pipeline for Good Sort, enhancing personalised recommendations and integrating product data.

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