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Knowledge Chat

Knowledge Chat is an AI-powered tool that uses large language models to provide instant, accurate responses to customer. It enhances customer support with natural, conversational experience.


Semantic Search Engine

Semantic Search Engine is a tool that goes beyond traditional keyword-based search. By using NLP to understand the intent behind users' queries it delivers more relevant and accurate results.


Media Search Engine

Media Search Engine is an AI-powered software, revolutionising data analysis in audiovisual materials. Through precise recognition of elements in media, it provides in-depth insights into video and audio content.


Media Indexing Engine

Media Indexing Engine is an AI tool designed to efficiently organise and categorise media content. It improves content management in news agencies, media libraries, and film, television and radio production.


Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform expands and facilitates the use of data and knowledge about users. It provides precise user segmentation and content customisation, enabling better targeting and higher engagement.


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a solution that automates marketing, content and sales activities. It analyses massive databases providing crucial information about online patterns and reduces time spent on tedious tasks.


OpenRTB Bidders

OpenRTB Bidders are systems that automate the process of purchasing online advertising through RTB auctions. They eliminate the need for negotiations and enable dynamic price adjustments in real-time.


Content Moderation Platform

Content Moderation Platform uses natural language processing to classify statements in real-time, determining their ethical and legal acceptability. It helps online platforms to fight internet hate speech.


Deep Content Understanding

Deep Content Understanding employs a deep learning system for advanced analysis, identifying content's meaning and context. It facilitates the creation of rich connection networks and matches content with users.


Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine is an AI-powered solution that allows publishers, e-commerce shops and advertisers to create perfect-tailored recommendations of their products and content.


Personal Finance Manager

Personal Finance Management is a system that empowers customers to effortlessly manage and analyse their personal finances. PFM is invaluable in banks and financial institutions, enhancing internal analyses and user experience.


Recommendation & Remarketing Platform

WARRP is a marketing optimisation platform, that offers AI-powered solutions for enhanced user targeting. It provides efficient ad matching and user valuation without compromising privacy.

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