Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


Transform Your Marketing with Automation

Unlock the secret to efficient marketing and increased sales leads with our Marketing Automation system. Dive into a world where every campaign is optimised and every customer interaction is personalised.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation streamlines marketing, content, and sales activities, analyses online patterns in databases, and reduces time spent on repetitive tasks.

Marketing Automation

Key features


Harness Advanced Data Analytics

Make informed decisions with deep insights

Dive deep into vast datasets to uncover valuable customer insights and trends. Our engine equips marketers with detailed analytics and reporting tools, enabling data-driven strategies that enhance customer understanding and campaign effectiveness.


Integrate with Your CRM

Deepen the knowledge about your customers

Our engine connects with CRM systems to access and leverage extensive customer data. This integration enriches marketing automation with deep insights, facilitating personalised engagement and more effectively guiding leads through the sales funnel.


Generate Leads More Effectively

Convert prospects into leads successfully

Our engine excels in identifying potential leads, monitoring their journey within the sales funnel, and engaging them with customised content. This strategic approach increases the likelihood of conversion and ensures a seamless progression from prospect to loyal customer.

Marketing Automation

Areas of application

E-commerce and Retail

Our engine customises user experiences using data analytics for targeted campaigns and recommendations. This approach boosts conversions and customer satisfaction.

Publishing and Newsrooms

Our engine's integration with CRM systems offers a nuanced understanding of media audience behaviours. It enables the delivery of dynamic advertising campaigns and content recommendations.

Marketing and Advertising

Ideal for companies with extensive marketing ecosystems, our engine automates campaigns across diverse channels. This synchronisation enhances efficiency and coherence in marketing efforts, thus driving superior results.

Marketing Automation

Game-Changing Benefits
for Your Company

Actionable Insights

Get crucial information about customer behaviour patterns

Time Saving

Free up employees' time for creative and strategic tasks

Higher Customer Engagement

Tailor interactions with customers, increasing their involvement

Increased Number of Leads

Notice leads increase like 80% of other marketers

Marketing Automation

Product onboarding

What will we need to implement this solution?


Our pricing model is flexible, designed around your campaign scale and data needs, ensuring cost-effective solutions that align with your goals.


Implementation timelines are customised based on project complexity and integration depth, guaranteeing efficient setup.

Client Engagement

We collaborate closely with you, utilising your input and specific data to fine-tune the system for maximum efficiency within your marketing operations.


Designed for adaptability, our engine easily integrates with a variety of IT environments, enhancing your existing marketing infrastructure.

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Additional information



4,633,997.51 PLN


Contribution from European funds

3,485,668.54 PLN


Project implementation period

2020 – 2022

The development of the WARRP platform was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the Intelligent Development Program 2014 – 2020.

The project was realised as part of a competition by the National Centre for Research and Development: "Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises," action: "Industrial research and development work conducted by enterprises."

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