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Website & Logo Design for LTLEGAL

WEBSENSA revitalised LTLEGAL's online image with a modern website and logo redesign.

Website & Logo Update for LTLEGAL


LTLEGAL, Łyszkiewicz Tarasiuk Legal Advisers' Office, a leading legal service provider, collaborated with WEBSENSA to enhance its digital presence.

The aim was to modernise their website and logo, accurately reflecting the firm's legal proficiency and reputation.


LTLEGAL's objective was a comprehensive update of their website ( and logo to improve visibility and ranking within respected legal directories, ensuring a cohesive and modern representation of their brand.

This required a complete redesign that would effectively represent the firm's professional identity and offerings.


Chosen through a referral, WEBSENSA was selected for our high ratings, budget-friendly options, cultural compatibility, and exceptional cost-value ratio. Our team, comprising 6-10 professionals, undertook a full-scale redesign.

The work included drafting the website, creating a user-friendly and visually striking layout, innovating new elements, and developing a modern logo. Our work contributed to gaining by LTLEGAL the position at the forefront of the "Rzeczpospolita" law firm website category.


The updated website significantly enhanced LTLEGAL's recognisability and earned a prominent spot in the law companies website ranking.

WEBSENSA's adaptable and responsive approach to website and logo development ensured optimal execution aligned with LTLEGAL's requirements.

The project was delivered on time, showcasing WEBSENSA's creativity, professionalism, and excellent organisational skills, all maintained within budget.

Client's Review

  • Quality: 5.0
  • Service & Deliverables: 5.0
  • Schedule: 5.0
  • Cost: 5.0
  • Willing to Refer: 5.0
They have an excellent team organisation. – Executive, LTLEGAL

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