Case study

Personal Finance Manager for IT Integration Firm

WEBSENSA developed a sophisticated Personal Finance Management system for an IT Integrations Firm specialising in banking solutions.

Personal Finance Manager for IT Integrations Firm


WEBSENSA partnered with an IT integrations firm specialising in the banking sector to develop a state-of-the-art Personal Finance Management System (PFM) for Getin Bank.

Our expertise in creating bespoke solutions for the banking industry positioned us ideally for this project.


Our task was to address the need for an advanced PFM system that could categorise and label customer transactions, enhancing user experience in online banking.

The objective was to automate this process and provide users with detailed, graphically represented data for better financial analysis and planning.


Leveraging our expertise in AI and data classification, we developed a custom solution that effectively categorised spending into various groups, such as food, alcohol, loans, and mortgages.

The project began with comprehensive planning and architecture definition. Our dedicated team, including solution architects, developers, and AI/data analysts, worked closely with the client to fine-tune the categorisation engine, ensuring its accuracy and usability.

The final product allowed Getin Bank customers to track their spending patterns in a user-friendly online interface, revolutionising the way they interacted with their financial data.


The PFM system significantly improved transaction categorisation accuracy, achieving a 95% correct classification rate. This breakthrough in banking technology not only set a new standard in the sector but also provided Getin Bank with invaluable marketing insights on customer spending habits.

Our professional project management and commitment to open communication were key to the successful collaboration, enabling us to adapt to changes and meet the project's goals effectively.

Client's feedback

  • Quality: 5.0
  • Schedule: 4.0
  • Cost: 4.0
  • Willingness to Refer: 5.0
We’ve been most impressed with WEBSENSA’s expertise in personal finance management. – Project Manager, IT Integrations Company

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