Knowledge Chat

Knowledge Chat


Turn your data and documents into interactive user support

Transform your company's documents into an interactive, easily searchable knowledge base. Through a user-friendly chat interface, your customers will receive precise answers sourced directly from your documents.

Knowledge Chat

Knowledge Chat is an AI-powered tool that uses large language models to provide instant, accurate responses to customer. It enhances customer support with natural, conversational experience.

Knowledge Chat

Key features


Enhance Company Documents' Usability

Transform documents into an easily searchable knowledge base

Knowledge Chat revolutionises how companies use their documentation, transforming it into an interactive, searchable knowledge base. This feature enables specific data to be quickly located and analysed within extensive documentation collections, which supports effective knowledge management in the organisation.


Create Human-Like Interactions

Provide information in a user-friendly interface

Knowledge Chat excels at interpreting user queries in natural language, thanks to its underlying LLMs. It understands the context and nuances of questions and can generate responses that are accurate and contextually relevant. These features make the interactions more natural and human-like.


Give Your Users Informed Answers

Empower information retrieval by instant access to your company's documents

By integrating with a company's knowledge base, our tool can pull real-time information to answer queries. This feature is enhanced by techniques such as retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), which combines the generative capabilities of LLMs with the retrieval of relevant documents. That ensures that the chatbot's responses are informed by the most up-to-date information.

Knowledge Chat

Areas of application

E-commerce and Retail

Knowledge Chat transforms the online shopping experience by instantly answering customer queries about products, availability and delivery options. It guides users through their purchasing journey, reducing cart abandonment and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Travel and Tourism

For travel agencies and tourism platforms, Knowledge Chat serves as a 24/7 virtual assistant, providing travellers with essential information on destinations, bookings, and travel advisories. It enriches the customer's planning experience, making travel arrangements seamless and more enjoyable.

Public Administration

In the public sector, Knowledge Chat facilitates citizens' access to information regarding government services, procedures, and regulations. It streamlines interactions with government websites, reducing wait times and improving public service efficiency.

Knowledge Chat

Game-Changing Benefits
for Your Company

Enhanced User Experience

Provide instant, accurate, 24/7 user assistance

Increased Efficiency

Automate responses, freeing up staff for more complex issues


Manage high query volumes, regardless of your business size

Data-Driven Insights

Empower your strategy with customer feedback analysis

Knowledge Chat

Product onboarding

What will we need to implement this solution?


The cost of the product includes licensing, implementation of the solution, adaptation of the Application and SLA service. The implementation price depends on exact needs of the client.


Implementation time depends on many factors, but most often the system is implemented within 30 days of signing the contract.

Client Engagement

The client is obliged to deliver the orders to our SAP system. Additionally, the system is installed in the client's GCP cloud, and the cloud costs are borne by the client. After implementing the product, the client verifies the correctness of the product.


Knowledge Chat uses the Google PaLM 2 / Google Gemini Pro language model. We'll guide you through a straightforward integration process, coordinating closely with your team.

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4,633,997.51 PLN


Contribution from European funds

3,485,668.54 PLN


Project implementation period

2020 – 2022

The development of the WARRP platform was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the Intelligent Development Program 2014 – 2020.

The project was realised as part of a competition by the National Centre for Research and Development: "Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises," action: "Industrial research and development work conducted by enterprises."

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