Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform


Harness the Power of Data for Targeted Marketing

Optimise your business processes with our Data Management Platform. Seamlessly integrating diverse data sources, it offers unparalleled insights for informed decision. Ideal for marketing actions but adaptable to any industry's needs.

Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform enhances user data utilisation, offering precise segmentation and content customisation for better targeting and higher engagement.

Data Management Platform

Key features


Process Huge Amounts of Data

Maximise your big data potential

Data is a key element that determines the effectiveness of every business activity. Our system processes vast amounts of them. Our DMP can manage over 2.5 billion bids and serve nearly 30 million users in a single day. Additionally, the system processes approximately 20,000 requests per second.


Combine Data From Many Sources

Collect a diverse array of information

The Data Management Platform enables integration with various data sources, including websites, mobile applications, advertising campaigns, CRM, and analytical systems. For instance, it utilises Pixel technology to retrieve detailed information regarding user purchases and viewed items.


Integrate the Platform with Your Internal Systems

Utilise your company's second-party data

DMP synchronises exports from external systems of companies that have CRM systems. The platform enables downloading data from other data providers using IdMapper, which maps the systems and reduces them to one identifier.

Data Management Platform

Areas of application

E-commerce and Retail

Our Data Management Platform analyses customers' behaviours and preferences, enabling e-commerce sites to offer customised product recommendations. This targeted approach improves user engagement and significantly boosts conversion rates.

Publishing and Newsrooms

The platform excels at segmenting audiences based on their content consumption patterns. It ensures that articles, news pieces and advertisements are precisely tailored to reader interests, enhancing content relevance and audience loyalty.

Film and Media Production

In the media industry, the DMP provides invaluable insights into viewer preferences across genres, directors and themes. This data-driven approach facilitates the production of content that resonates with target demographics, enhancing viewer engagement.

Data Management Platform

Game-Changing Benefits
for Your Company

Maximum Message Personalisation

Tailor content through accurate user segmentation

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Improve user experience with personalised interactions

Enhanced Decision-Making

Empower informed strategies with deep data insights

Strengthened Data Security

Increase data protection and reduce risk of cybercrime

Data Management Platform

Product onboarding

What will we need to implement this solution?


The value of implementation depends on the scale of system usage. The primary cost is hardware, which correlates with the number of unique users and integration with external systems.


The implementation time varies based on the scope of integration with external systems. The installation of necessary machines and databases also factors into the setup process.

Client Engagement

Seamless implementation and data processing require the client's collaboration in supplying internal data sources and detailing the company's integrations.


Our system offers broad compatibility, easily connecting with platforms that support Open RTB standards.

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4,633,997.51 PLN


Contribution from European funds

3,485,668.54 PLN


Project implementation period

2020 – 2022

The development of the WARRP platform was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the Intelligent Development Program 2014 – 2020.

The project was realised as part of a competition by the National Centre for Research and Development: "Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises," action: "Industrial research and development work conducted by enterprises."

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