Case study

Personal Finance Manager for Getin Bank

WEBSENSA, in cooperation with iCompass, developed an AI-driven Personal Finance Manager, enhancing Getin Bank's online banking services.

Personal Finance Management System for Getin Bank


‍iCompass, a Fintech solutions and consulting provider, specialises in retail banking, payments, and e-commerce solutions.

Collaborating with WEBSENSA aimed to enhance Getin Bank's online banking platform, addressing the need for more user-friendly and efficient financial management tools.


The primary goal was to revolutionise the standard online banking experience of Getin Bank's customers.

Traditional platforms often needed more user-centric functionalities, making navigation and transaction tracking challenging for customers. The project aimed to categorise and label all user transactions, automate the data management process, and integrate this data into a Personal Finance Manager (PFM). This module was envisioned to allow custom reports, budgeting tools, and notifications based on spending patterns.


‍iCompass chose WEBSENSA for our expertise in building AI engines and data classifiers. Our scope of work included defining the architecture, implementing the PFM system, and integrating it with the bank's software. A critical aspect of the project's success was 'teaching' and fine-tuning the Classification Module, ensuring accurate transaction labelling.

Technologies used included advanced AI algorithms and data analysis tools, adhering to the bank's technology stack.

The work on the solution involved several specialists: a solution architect, front-end and back-end developers, AI/Data analysts, and testers.

Results & Feedback

The system achieved remarkable accuracy, with 95% of transactions labelled correctly and handling 150 transactions per second per core.

The new platform set a market standard in online banking by including the innovative PFM system. It provided Getin Bank with vital data on customer spending patterns, which increased the quality of the user experience. The project was marked by open communication and an agile approach, adapting to changes and pivoting plans as needed.

As the Client said, WEBSENSA's unique ability to navigate uncharted territories and collaborate effectively with bank specialists was a standout aspect of the project.

Client's review

  • Quality: 5.0
  • Schedule: 5.0
  • Cost: 4.5
  • Willing to refer: 5.0
The unique competence of WEBSENSA team was their ability to explore an unknown ground. – Szymon Borowiecki, CEO at iCompass

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