Case study

Advertising Optimisation Systems for Wirtualna Polska

WEBSENSA developed a cutting-edge Marketing Cloud Platform for Wirtualna Polska, revolutionising their digital advertising strategy.

Advertising Optimisation Systems for Wirtualna Polska


Wirtualna Polska, a premier internet publishing company in Poland, serves over 5 million users through various thematic portals.

As a leading online service provider, they continually seek innovative solutions to adapt to market trends and user needs, especially in digital advertising and machine learning development.


Wirtualna Polska required a sophisticated solution to enhance its advertising strategies, particularly in programmatic ad buying, balancing both Supply and Demand sides.

The challenge was to create an adaptable, Open RTB-compliant system that could effectively manage digital advertisements and offer Marketing Automation functionalities.


WEBSENSA's longstanding collaboration with Wirtualna Polska began with an advertising-focused project and has since expanded to various large-scale initiatives, including machine-learning development.

Our team, consisting of Golang developers, ClickHouse and SQL experts, and UI/UX designers, has worked seamlessly with Wirtualna Polska's in-house teams, delivering comprehensive solutions.

Our recent project, the Marketing Cloud Platform, is a testament to this synergy. It's an advanced system comprising multiple components like AdExchange and Marketing Automation Bidder, which became pivotal in Wirtualna Polska’s advertising ecosystem.

Results & Feedback

The Marketing Cloud Platform significantly streamlined Wirtualna Polska’s advertising processes, reducing costs and enhancing effectiveness. Our developers' ability to write high-quality, high-scale software daily has been a key contributor to the project's success.

Despite some budget overages, the collaboration has been positive, marked by WEBSENSA's flexibility and timely delivery. Wirtualna Polska's Deputy Chief Procurement Officer particularly highlighted the quality of our Golang developers and our focus on project delivery.

Client's Review

5.0 on Clutch

They focus on delivering projects and have no problem collaborating with other developers. – Paweł Krupiński, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer at Wirtualna Polska

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