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GUI Design & Development for Polkomtel

WEBSENSA designed and developed a user-friendly GUI for Polkomtel, enhancing their prosumer application for photovoltaic monitoring.

GUI Design & Development for Polkomtel


At WEBSENSA, we engaged with Polkomtel, a prominent provider of telecommunications and electricity distribution services.

Our task was to create a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) for their new application, aimed at helping customers monitor their photovoltaic installations.


Polkomtel approached us with the need for an expertly designed GUI layout.

The challenge was to develop a solution that would not only be visually appealing but also highly functional and easy for customers to navigate, especially for monitoring energy usage and managing invoices.


Our team of 2-5 specialists, chosen for this project based on our proven track record and cost-effective solutions, embarked on an extensive analysis of Polkomtel's requirements. We focused on creating a GUI that would effectively present energy data readings and invoice details.

The process involved designing the graphical interface of the website, ensuring it was aligned with the latest UX and UI standards. This included developing user panels that accurately displayed users' energy balances, costs, and detailed billing periods, integrating seamlessly with Polkomtel’s existing online services.


The result was a highly intuitive and efficient GUI that matched Polkomtel's business needs.

Our deliverables were met with high satisfaction, with the GUI layout's readiness and its online responsiveness being particularly praised. Our project management approach was highlighted for its efficiency, often delivering results quicker than expected.

Communication throughout the project was conducted through virtual meetings, emails, and messaging apps, ensuring timely and effective collaboration.

Client's feedback

  • Quality: 5.0
  • Schedule: 5.0
  • Cost: 5.0
  • Willing to refer: 5.0
"They showcased high-quality management with a proper focus on the project goals." – Magdalena Ługowska, Project Manager at Polkomtel

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