Content Moderation Platform

Content Moderation Platform


Make Online Interactions High-Quality and Safe

Enhance your digital spaces with our Content Moderation Platform, where advanced AI fights hate speech and ensures respectful interactions. Explore how our solution's precision and continuous learning create safer online communities.

Content Moderation Platform

Content Moderation Platform uses NLP to classify statements in real-time for ethical and legal acceptability, helping online platforms combat hate speech.

Content Moderation Platform

Key features


Tailor Language to the Target Audience

Customise communication for your users

We realise that different target groups may use different languages specific to their community. That's why our system takes these dependencies into account and is able to adapt the language to users.


Get an Up-To-Date and Accurate Tool

Stay ahead with continuous platform enhancements

Our solution regularly updates its algorithms and models to improve content moderation accuracy. Using AI and machine learning, the system continuously analyses new behavioural and linguistic patterns in order to effectively adjust moderation strategies.


Identify the Context of Statements Automatically

Moderate with contextual understanding

Our tool not only analyses keywords or phrases, but also understands the context of entire messages. On this basis, it can appropriately classify specific content, which allows for more precise content moderation.

Content Moderation Platform

Areas of application

Digital Publishing

For digital publishers, our system maintains content quality by filtering out non-compliant user-generated comments and reviews, safeguarding the integrity of online discussions and upholding community standards.

Marketing and Advertising

In the marketing area, including social media and blogs, the platform excels in automating the moderation of user comments, eliminating inappropriate content and maintaining brand reputation. This ensures that promotional spaces remain constructive, enhancing user trust.

Internet Forums

The Content Moderation Platform is indispensable in internet forums, efficiently moderating discussions to remove content that breaches community guidelines or is irrelevant. It enables focused and positive interactions among forum members.

Content Moderation Platform

Game-Changing Benefits
for Your Company

Language Adaptation

Adapt swiftly to user language for accurate moderation

Time Saving

Facilitate and automate the work of moderators

Hate Speech Control

Identify and address offensive language effectively

Proven Effectiveness

Rely on our system’s high accuracy with up to 95% precision

Content Moderation Platform

Product onboarding

What will we need to implement this solution?


Pricing is based on the volume of comments processed, ensuring a scalable solution that fits your specific needs.


The setup timeline varies with project complexity and your specific requirements, aiming for a smooth integration.

Client Engagement

We require a sample of your comments to tailor the language model to your unique content landscape.


Our versatile solution seamlessly integrates with diverse IT infrastructures, offering wide compatibility.

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4,633,997.51 PLN


Contribution from European funds

3,485,668.54 PLN


Project implementation period

2020 – 2022

The development of the WARRP platform was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the Intelligent Development Program 2014 – 2020.

The project was realised as part of a competition by the National Centre for Research and Development: "Industrial research and development work carried out by enterprises," action: "Industrial research and development work conducted by enterprises."

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