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IT for business

IT outsourcing – subcontract IT services or implement them in-house?

IT outsourcing is a popular solution among companies from outside this industry. Read what IT services you can outsource and when to do it.

Advertising technology

How can local advertising markets compete with tech giants' hegemony?

The dominance of global tech giants is a challenge for local digital advertising companies. We created the WARRP platform that supports the domestic market.

Advertising technology

Effective marketing campaigns with limited access to user data

Limited access to internet users' data causes challenges for online publishers and advertisers. Read about the WARRP platform facing these last law changes.

Digital publishing

5 AI use cases in digital publishing – editorial process support

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used by publishing platforms to improve content creation. Read about 5 AI use cases in digital publishing.

Working in IT

14 IT jobs that don't require programming knowledge

Although coding is a preferred skill in IT, there are many jobs you can do without it. Read about 14 IT jobs that don't require programming knowledge!

Working in IT

Software development team structure – how to organise it?

The idea for a software is not everything – a well-cooperating team is equally important. Read about software development team structure and roles in it!

Working in IT

Software developer vs. software engineer – do these positions differ?

Software developer vs. software engineer – although sometimes used interchangeably, their scope of work differs. What are the similarities and differences?

Working in IT

Product manager vs. project manager – different roles in IT projects

The leaders in IT projects may be, among others, project manager or product manager. How do these two roles differ? We explain it in this article.

Working in IT

B2B contract for software developers – pros & cons

B2B contract is becoming a new standard in IT industry, because of its financial profitability. Read about pros & cons of B2B in software developer's work.

Why are NFTs so expensive and what are they? Non-fungible tokens explained

At the beginning of 2021, Non-Fungible Tokens began to gain popularity. Why are NFTs so expensive and what is their purpose? Read this article to find out!

Working in IT

Top 10 employability skills employers seek in the 21st century

There is a set of skills employers seek in employees. Check if you have top 10 employability skills appreciated in the labour market in the 21st century.

IT for business

6 examples of bespoke software to boost your company's efficiency

This article describes 6 specific examples of bespoke software. Check if any of them will be useful in your company to increase its business results.

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Generative AI


Explore the dynamically changing world of Generative AI and its growing impact across different sectors.

Artificial intelligence


Read about the impact, ethics, and innovative applications of artificial intelligence in various sectors.