6 examples of bespoke software to boost your company's efficiency


6 examples of bespoke software to boost your company's efficiency

This article describes 6 specific examples of bespoke software. Check if any of them will be useful in your company to increase its business results.

Recently, we described the definition of custom-written software and presented the benefits of implementing this solution. Custom-made software can significantly improve your company's performance and provide a considerable competitive advantage. Are you wondering where to start and what systems can make your business work more efficiently? Continue reading to find out about 6 examples of bespoke software that will revolutionise your business.

6 examples of bespoke software developed by WEBSENSA:

1. Data Management Platform

Let's start with an example of bespoke software that is an absolute must-have for every business these days. But first, let's explain why it's so important. 

Statista predicts that the total amount of data generated, captured, copied and consumed worldwide will grow rapidly – from 64.2 zettabytes in 2020 all the way to over 180 zettabytes in the next five years.

Volume of data/information created, captured, copied, ands consumed worldwide form 2010 to 2015 (in zettabytes) – Source: Statista 2021

And how does it relate to your business? Data is a key element of any enterprise. It allows us to improve management of any process, from sales, through customer service and production, to marketing. The last one has particular importance here as thanks to data, and more precisely – its appropriate analysis, you can:

  • maximise the personalisation of marketing campaigns;
  • get to know customers better, increasing their satisfaction, and engagement
  • improve the effectiveness of marketing activities, reducing unnecessary expenses and increase the return on investment (ROI);
  • help you make better business decisions and action planning based on historical data.

However, the data must be properly managed to achieve the expected results. And this is what the Data Management Platform does. This tool allows you to collect, organise, and manage data. Now, companies can spot important patterns and get to know their customers even better.

Systems like Data Management Platform are based on big data and machine learning algorithms. They can react to any changes, continuously train their models and provide increasingly accurate analysis and predictions in real-time.

This type of software is especially useful in eCommerce, marketing, eGaming, media or entertainment industries.

Why should you invest in a Data Management Platform in the custom software model?

Data is called the currency of our times. It is the most valuable "treasure" that must be protected and properly used. Creating a dedicated solution for your company provides the highest level of security. This way, all the information processed stays within your business. 

Moreover, DMP should collect information from all sectors of the organisation. By opting for custom software development, you will be sure that it will be compatible with the tools and software used by all the departments of your company and will be fully tailored to your organisation's needs.

2. Marketing Automation System

Let's stay within marketing because we want to present an example of bespoke software worth implementing in every company. You certainly know how important automation is today. According to Social Media's Today report, in 2019, 75% of companies admitted that they already use at least one type of marketing automation tool. Moreover, this number is growing every year, as implementing such solutions makes marketers' daily work much easier. 

Marketing automation systems improve a range of marketing activities, from increasing advertising campaigns' effectiveness, helping acquire sales leads, analysing customer behaviour, and planning new marketing activities.

These tools collect and analyse essential information about users by monitoring their behaviour across different channels, such as email campaigns or websites. It helps to create personalised, tailored messages to specific recipients. Using technologies such as machine learning, they can process vast amounts of historical data to suggest the most effective marketing actions. 

For example, suppose you are planning an email campaign. In that case, such a tool will help you create a personalised message based on the user's previous activities (recently viewed pages or purchased products) to plan the most optimal time to send the message. Then, it will allow you to track the results of your campaign (such as the number of emails opened, bounce rate, conversions, etc.). After each such activity, the tool tracks all the data and gives you more accurate leads in the future.

But these systems can do many more. They can integrate with your CRM software, manage leads, generate reports, create advanced email campaigns. All this with one tool.

These solutions will work well in any industry and are especially important in the retail, media and publishing, healthcare, financial and e-commerce sectors.

A dedicated IT system for marketing automation will ensure full customisation to the specifics of your business, sources on your customers, as well as individual needs and expectations.

3.  Content Moderation Platform

Recently, the Internet has been overloaded with fake news and hate speech. False information can be very harmful, as we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic or the ongoing information war around the war in Ukraine. Hate speech that we can find on the Internet is also dangerous. So, how to prevent the publication of inappropriate and harmful content on our platforms?

One of the solutions is the Content Moderation Platform, which uses natural language processing for real-time moderation of comments added by users. It aims to find and block negative or even offensive comments that are inappropriate and harmful. In addition, it detects damaging or even offensive statements. The tool not only detects certain "dangerous" words but can also interpret the context of the entire message to classify it accordingly.

At WEBSENSA, our team created such a solution for one of our clients. Our system classifies comments, attributing them to one of three groups: accepted, rejected and uncertain. The third option means that if a given comment is under the so-called certainty threshold, then it is sent for additional human verification. 

Our CMP system works with about 95% efficiency, which makes the job of manual comment moderators much easier. This solution saves a lot of time and makes comment verification more accurate (as there is no risk of comments being overlooked).

Content Management Platform is an IT system that will work the best as a dedicated solution due to the different audience specifics, types of service, and policies of an organisation. You can implement CMP on: social media platforms, websites for children, news services, blogging platforms and other applications or services which allow for comments, ratings or references.

4. Semantic Search Engine

The next bespoke software on our list also concerns the management of large data sets and is based on natural language processing. We are talking about semantic engines that recognise user search requests and intentions, going far beyond the capabilities of traditional search engines.

The main advantage of such solutions is increasing customer satisfaction by improving the accuracy of results. Moreover, they also help in data management and real-time data-driven decision making. They are used in banks because they can understand complex queries and distinguish between specifics commands, such as: transaction type (e.g., "ATM", "transfer"), transaction purpose (e.g., "salary"), transaction date (e.g., "as of today", "last week", "December", "02.02.2022 to today"), amount (e.g., "from $100", "$200-300", "<300 US") etc. It makes them more user-friendly than traditional engines and allows users to find what they want.

Semantic software works best as a tailor-made software. Why? Because to work properly, it should be tailored to the needs of a specific organisation and interpret the vocabulary in a specific area. It can also be available in different languages or even used on multilingual platforms. Moreover, these types of solutions are especially popular in banks. They can integrate with any application depending on the needs of a given company.

5. Product Photo Recognition System

Some time ago, The New York Times described an interesting case of a beekeeper who wanted to see if any other insects besides bees were arriving at his hive. So he placed a tiny photo booth that took pictures of insects flying into the hive every so often. However, it turned out to be a challenge to look through thousands of similar photos, searching for possible uninvited guests. To solve this problem, the beekeeper used an image recognition system to detect the insects in the photos, making his task much easier.

Sounds interesting, but do you know where to implement an image recognition system in a business? There are quite a few options, and it all depends on your business needs. Inspiration can be a project that WEBSENSA team created in cooperation with OMD Poland Media Agency for McDonald's. Our software allowed to detect which of their products were most often presented in photos published on Instagram with the polish language hashtag #mamsamakanamaka. Furthermore, the software could tag and highlight individual products such as burgers, ice cream, fries or drinks. This solution allowed the company to find out which products are the most photographed. Consequently, it helped to better know their customers' preferences.

6. Real-Time Bidding System

Finally, the last bespoke software example that is an absolute must-have in the advertising industry. Real-Time Bidding is a solution based on advanced machine learning models that significantly increase the effectiveness and scalability of ads.

Its goal is to automate the process of buying and selling online ads in an online bidding model. The crucial thing is that in this model, ads analyse data about users, so they can match the displayed message to the audience perfectly.

It benefits both publishers (possibility of selling offers at the best possible price) and advertisers (increased chance of sale thanks to a perfectly matched group of recipients).

Although the operation of such systems is repeatable, to make sure that it works properly, you should cooperate with an experienced technological partner. They will be able to adjust it to the specificity of your company. 

Custom-made software for your company

Want to implement any of the above solutions in your business? Contact us. Our team has many years of experience in developing custom software perfectly suited to the individual needs of our clients. 

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