10 the Most Creative Jobs in 21st Century


10 the Most Creative Jobs in 21st Century

What professions are currently considered the most creative? In this article, we present those that gained popularity in the 21st century.

Painter, sculptor, writer – these are professions that first come to mind when we ask: "What are some of the most creative jobs?". However, as the world is constantly changing, so is the job market. So what are 'modern' jobs that require creativity, active use of imagination, and thinking outside the box?

There are those jobs that require us to go further than just problem-solving. They allow using a high degree of creativity and artistic abilities to create new content. Such jobs are often very desirable, as they come with multiple benefits.

The benefits of having a 'modern' creative job:

  • Flexibility and autonomy – whether you are a part of a team and working for only one company or you are a freelancer, most likely you will have the freedom to choose your working style.
  • No monotony – a creative job means that you will not get stuck in a dull routine. You will always be searching for new innovative solutions or creating never-before-seen content. In doing so, you will avoid monotony and not endanger yourself to losing engagement and loathing your job.
  • Self-development – routines and repeating tasks limit us from thriving. Lack of challenges prevents us from making progress. Creative jobs will help you develop and keep your creative part of the brain active.
  • Satisfactory salary – creative skills are rather rare and highly appreciated by employers. Therefore, people who possess them are often pretty well paid for.

1. Software Engineer

Apart from highly developed mathematical skills, a lot of creativity is required in this profession. Software engineers go through all the parts of the software development.

Starting from the contact with a client and analysing the user's needs, going through all the parts of designing, modifying, and testing up until the final evaluation of the finished product. Creating new and innovative software systems is challenging and requires the ability to come up with never-before-seen solutions.

2. Graphic designer

Despite its name, this job is rarely limited to just drawing or creating graphics on the computer. More and more employers search for people who are versatile ad have branched skills, going beyond their area of expertise.

Besides coming up with the concept of art and creating it, graphic designers are often involved in the creation of the entire marketing strategy for a company or a product. Usually, however, their work focuses on creating innovative ideas for visual presentation of company's messages – graphics, animations or movies.

3. Promotion specialist

This position requires the creation of promotional materials distributed through many different marketing channels. It have been placed on our list of the most creative jobs, because creating them in unique and interesting way needs a lot of creativity.

Creativity also helps in finding new trends and  quickly adapt to a changing market.  Promotion specialist stays in close contact with graphic designers, copywriters, and multimedia artists.

4. Multimedia artist and animator

Putting it simply, they design graphics and animation for all forms of media. Content that they produce can be applied anywhere from simple two-dimensional advertisements to complex animations in video games. It’s considered to be one of the most desirable jobs nowadays, as it allows a wide range of versatility. A combination of technical and creative skills is required for this position.

Multimedia artists must be not only able to create stunning visual graphics and come up with new ideas. He also should be able to use advanced computer programs to achieve top-notch results.

It has become so popular because it comes with possibilities that cover a lot of ground. Multimedia artists and animators can be graphic designers, video game developers, and marketing specialists all at once!

5. Mobile app developer

Seeing the possibilities that applications bring to us exceed our wildest expectations, people require more and more. The demand exceeds the capability of IT companies to deliver products. Apps can vastly improve our daily life, and people expect to make their life more comfortable and always crave and seek new solutions.

The opportunities for app development are endless and only limited by the developer. This profession requires sufficient IT skills and the possession of in-depth knowledge of some programming languages.

6. Web developer

Their responsibilities involve designing and coding a visually appealing website that's easy to navigate and meets the client's expectations. They coordinate the process from the very beginning, starting with the analysis of the client's needs up until final modifications of the finished site.

7. Video games creator

Bringing a concept of a game to life is not a one-man job and thus requires constant cooperation with the entire team.

This person is responsible for research, creating a story, designing the characters, writing the game plot, and introducing changes based on feedback. They work in close cooperation with programmers who create a code for the game to work.

8. Marketing Manager

Responsible for creating a marketing strategy for a business and overseeing the process of carrying out that strategy. Depending on the size of a company and specific requirements, they might produce a wide range of content for promotional purposes.

This person monitors the market to keep their marketing strategy up to current standards. In addition to creativity in this profession, you also have to deal well with the division of work between team members.

9. Business trainer

A person who holds workshops for people wanting to gain or expand in certain stills. Such workshops can be open for everybody or explicitly held for a particular team. Business trainers work with people on an unlimited number of issues: their soft skills, building the team spirit, introducing problem-solving methods, expanding their analytical skills, etc.

Besides vast expertise in 'business' in general, and the ability to teach, they must come up with creative ways to pass forward their knowledge. Only then, they will be successful in gaining people's interest. Why id it on our list of the most creative jobs? Business trainer works in various business areas and continuously change their clientele. Thus, their working environment is never constant. Therefore, they don't stick to just one method of work.

10. Copywriter

This job requires a person to know their way around words. They create advertising content in many different formats. Whether it is a text, writing a script for audio, or generating slogans. Depending on the particular position, such a person usually is present in all the phases of the creative process.

They collaborate closely with graphic designers and marketing specialists. They have direct contact with clients and keep this contact throughout the process to introduce changes at any stage.

Creative jobs in 21st century – summary

Of course, there are many more professions that can be ranked among the most creative jobs. These are just a few that have gained in popularity form both the employers and the general public and are considered to offer very satisfactory salaries.

Often, using creativity depends on the character of employee and his approach to work. The same work can be done routinely based on known standards, or performed by looking for new solutions that would bring valuable innovations to the work.

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